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Smart is a powerful system that can handle sending and monitoring panic alerts for millions. It allows you to track the alerts that wore sent and create a new one in seconds.  


The Client

Smart develops and delivers Emergency Mass-Notification and Alert multi-channel solutions for governments, municipalities, and businesses. it's world-class, mass notification solutions are field-proven and have been tested in real, continuous, life-threatening events. Knowing what is happening, when it is happening will save lives and allow faster recovery and better control.  

The goal

 Panic alerts are highly time-sensitive. With that understanding, we tried to create a system that will be easy to use, so the user can create a new alert in seconds and monitor existing ones with a glance.  

Design Process 

To start with we got the understanding that creating a pre-defined message can rush things and give an option to send a message in less than a second. 

We encouraged the user to take a couple of minutes to give the system some info such as what channels he prefers and what kinds of emergency messages he usually deals with.   

Meanwhile, we also updated the system's look & feel with fresh new colors, fonts, and illustrations. Usually, this type of systems are very old looking and have a bad user experience, therefore we wanted to change that and provide the user with a good feeling will using the system. 


Design System

 When starting on a project, I usually stick to a routine/design process that makes my designs be as consistent as possible.


No matter what kind of a project it is, I start with a low-fidelity design so I can create a full understanding of the user flow. following that, I move on to create a branded UI Design System so the entire interface will have the same look and functionality. Meanwhile, I work on the actual screens with assets from the DS. Then test and fix if necessary with the insight I get while working with it.

And repeat. 

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