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Creating pre-defined messages allows saving time by sending alerts in a matter of seconds. The idea was to encourage users to provide information during setup about communication channels they prefer or types of emergency alerts they might deal with.

Meanwhile, we also updated the system's look & perception with fresh new colors, fonts, and functionality. Usually, these types of systems are very old-looking and have a terrible user experience. Therefore the change was imminent in order to provide the user a good feeling while using the system. 


Smart develops and delivers Emergency Mass-Notification and Alert multi-channel solutions for governments, municipalities, and businesses. it's world-class, mass notification solutions are field-proven and have been tested in real, continuous, life-threatening events. Knowing what is happening, when it is happening will save lives and allow faster recovery and better control. 


Creating an intuitive system using real-time alerts to point out threats and warnings with the ability to monitor them in seconds.

Smart is a powerful system that can handle sending and monitoring panic alerts for millions. It allows you to track the alerts that wore sent and create a new one in seconds. 


Role       UX, UI

Year       2019

Client     Smart

Team     Erez Eden, Oren Shafir

This is how we created a

Panic Alert Managing System


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