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We wanted to change the traditional methods used for alert systems by replacing the "during emergencies only" with a more usable app.

With that in mind, we created a new approach; two states for two different situations. A panic mode that activates during emergencies and a safe mode while there's no threat.


Users will meet this when a threat is in action. There are several options, such as finding shelter guidance and getting information about predefined locations and people of interest. Once safe, there's an ability to let others know or swipe for help.


Nowadays, children's use of mobile phones is increasing, and therefore we decided to create a parallel kid-friendly app. Here we took a different approach to present the alerts and guidance. The language is easier, the appearance is softer, and the gamification help attract their attention.


This mode consists of positive colors to inspire calm energy while teaching the user how to act during emergencies. Our goal was to create a social app for calm days too, and be prepared anytime.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about alerts for missile attacks or earthquakes is usually, well, panic. Panic about getting away, panic about hiding in a safe place, panic about taking care of a child or an elderly and make them safe. Our goal was to give a different approach to that experience. This is how;


Role      UX, UI

Year      2019-2020


Team    Erez Dagan, Oren Shafir


Panic Alerts

Made Different 

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