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Responsive web

Erez Dagan, Rone Cohen, Tzipy Tucker & Jonathan Bar


A website for millions of users with different needs and different ages. That was the challenge we faced with the new HaPoalim marketing website. Scroll to see the result. 


The Client

 Bank Hapoalim is a commercial bank in Israel. As of 2020, it is the largest bank in Israel and has around 9,500 employs. The Bank also operates branches in North America (New York, Miami, and Canada), Europe (Switzerland and Luxembourg), South America and the Cayman Islands. 

The goal

 To create a new outstanding website that will capture the size of the bank while maintaining the personal customer feeling.  

Design Process

The main challenge was to create a visual identity together with fluent user experience. 


The first step was to get to know the users. One of the biggest insights we got is that people need help with making their decisions, especially their financial decisions. With that understanding, we built and designed a decision-making website. 


UI Attributes

 Bank HaPoalim has a clean look that we wanted to maintain on their website. Following the decision, we made the entire website very bright with colorful and human-centered images. To tweak the brand just a bit, we created unique isometric illustrations, based on light colors.   




See the actual result



Mobile version

 Big screen or small, the website will look good and work well on all your devices. 

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