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Relationships are facilitated through a rich array of roundtable events, panels, conferences, mentorships, and exclusive soirees. Chabad Young offers unique learning opportunities and invaluable resources for members of every industry.


Brand story

 Chabad Young - Chai -  is a worldwide network of communities of young Jewish professionals, post-college and pre-suburb. We provide a holistic milieu of dynamic social events, career-focused professional functions, handcrafted educational experiences, and organic spiritual gatherings. 85 plus communities make us the premier Jewish young professional provider in the world. 

The goal

 To create a new modern look that will help the brand relate to young professionals all around the world. 


Old Logo

New Logo

Design Process

We wanted to create a dynamic brand that would be exciting as well as settled, and would fit this very specific audience. 

To achieve this goal we did three things:

We tweaked the letters and gave them serif edges for an authentic Jewish feeling;  We gave the letters a stable and cleaner look, for a friendly feeling; with those values, a full circle was chosen as the new shape, giving prominence and stability to the brand.







Font family 

Oxygen Light

Oxygen Regular

Oxygen Bold

Logo Motion

 We believe movement ignites opportunities. The brand system highlights options to celebrate the endless movement of life and art. 

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