rent a bike

in Tel Aviv


All over the world and every day, people ride bikes. To work, back home and just for fun too.


This app is here to help people get a bike very easily and navigate around the city within the app. 


We wanted to build a comprehensive app that could serve the needs of each of those bikers.

The result: A new bike app that can make things much easier for many users.




Glenn Bell

I bike to work every day. I don't like having my own bike because it's a pain to park and take care of so I just use the rented ones.


It kills me that I can't get a full current status will using the bike. it always causes me an additional cost. 



of the app

The app has a goal of achieving three things.

1. Find a bike near you 

2. Opening and releasing a bike easily 

3. Helping you navigate in the city within the app



Log in or Sign up,

and start the journey




How do you add complexity to an app while making sure the experience remains simple? We wanted to put the things that mattered most in the front and center. So the main thing you will see when entering the app is bikes all around you.

Clicking on one of the locations will open a box with full info about the selected location. 

Now, when bikers are ready to begin, there's a green pulsing button awaiting them.

For security matters, a moment before you are on your way, you will need to provide a fingerprint or password. Then you good to go.


Bikers, mostly tourists, like to go where they can get a nice view or good city vibes – where there are the best opportunities to know the city.


The app offers to let the bikers decide where they’d like to go. Anyway, if you want to go back to the return station, all you have to do is click on the green button. 

On the road

During the ride, you can get a complete view of your current rent status.


You can see how much time remains until your next charge - at the end of the hour. You can even get an alert at the end of the first hour.


The app will provide an accurate time-count of your journey so you can see how much time you've got until your destination. 


Want to return the bike? 

With one click you can return and move on with your day.






IN the end


the Day after

At the end of your trip, you can get a summary of your ride or the ones before it. 



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